test management

Test management is our origin and our passion. We are a company founded by and for test managers and our ambition is to be the best provider of services in the field of test management. We achieve this by a very strict selection at the gate, and by providing our test managers with all the means required to develop their professional and personal skills.

Craftsmanship in test management

The craftsmanship of a test manager from Qision Testmanagement originates from an extremely thorough theoretical basis with regards to software testing (and related certification in for example TMap Next® and ISTQB) and associated processes such as release management, service management and project management. We maintain and develop this knowledge by mutual coaching (by more experienced test managers), by organising subject matter sessions, by active membership in professional test associations such as TestNet and by exchanging views and opinions with test management colleagues from the testing community (for example on this website under blog & publications).

What makes a test manager from Qision Testmanagement unique?

The main characteristic where a test manager from Qision Testmanagement distinguishes his or herself is the ability to apply this theoretical knowledge in practice. As we all know, the pratice of IT projects is that unfortunately they very rarely run according to plan. To deal with this requires flexibility and pragmatism from all project members, but for none more so than for the test manager. For it is he or she who is primarily responsible for the quality of the system and who manages activities that normally take place in or near the end phase of a project, under significant pressure. The balancing act between time and quality, the communication about and adjustment of the test strategy and mobilising and motivating the test team, the support organisation and the end users in order to bring the project to a successful conclusion requires a special personality. The test managers at Qision Testmanagement have this personality without exception. Central characteristics for this are a service oriented attitude, a good stress tolerance, clear and honest communication, a high quality consciousness and finally a strong drive to succeed.

The test coordinator as a hands-on team lead for test projects?

Besides test management, Qision Testmanagement also offers test coordination as a related service. Test coordination to us is the day to day team leadership of a test team, where the test coordinator is both involved in the actual testing and managing his or her test team members. He or she is responsible for the testing of a sub system that is part of a bigger system landscape or for a specific test type (for example user acceptance test, integration test). In a bigger project the test coordinator reports to the test manager. In smaller projects the test coordinator can also report directly to the project manager or the customer.


A test manager or test coordinator from Qision Testmanagement combines a thorough expert knowledge with the required personality characteristics to constitute a valuable addition to any project team. If you are looking for an experienced test manager or test coordinator for your organisation or project, please do not hesitate to contact us for an appropriate solution.