Welcome to the website of Qision Testmanagement. We are a consultancy company specialised in the delivery of test and acceptance management for complex IT projects. We distinguish ourselves by the pragmatic application of our thorough knowledge in the field of testing. Qision Testmanagement forms the liaison between the IT organisation and the customer. For our test professionals, testing is not a goal in itself, but a means to help the end users and support organisation with the acceptance of IT systems.

Our service offerings consist of the secondment of test managers, test coordinators and acceptance managers on complex IT projects for our customers. We also offermanaged test outsourcing and consultancy with regards to test management and test process improvement to organisations. Finally, we offer an effective form of reporting to provide insight in test planning, test budget and product risks.

Looking for a test professional?

Are you looking for an experienced test manager, test coordinator or acceptance manager for your project or organisation? Or are you looking for a partner in test outsourcing or better test reporting?

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Looking for a job or assignment?

Are you an experienced test manager, test coordinator or acceptance manager looking for a new challenge with a specialised consultancy organisation?

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On this website you can find information (using the navigation menu on top of the page) regarding our organisation, our services, working for Qision Testmanagement, our customers and partners and our contact details.